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Like many of you we are excited about the new year and want to take time to thank each and every customer for the opportunity to serve and work with you. Our corporate values are team, ownership and excellence and we are so glad to include you as such a vital part of our team. Again, thank you!

I know that the holidays just ended and some of you are in the winter doldrums, but take heart, because Spring is right around the corner! With that in mind, I wanted to share why this idea of “bio-centric” is so core to what we do. By now, you probably know that we have a very unique bio-centric approach to our commercial landscaping and snow removal business. In the Greek, “Bio” means life. For us, bio-centric means that we are all about enhancing the life of the people and properties we are connected with and care for.

So how does our bio-centric approach work?

First, we utilize products and processes in our landscape and snow removal operations designed to maximize health and beauty, reduce costs and minimize damage to property infrastructure and landscapes. In our snow removal business, we utilize corrosion-enhanced deicers with natural additives to reduce the total amount of deicers we apply and reduce corrosion, as well as other harmful effects. We are particularly focused on reducing damage to steel, concrete and soil.

In our landscaping business, we crusade tirelessly telling anyone who will listen that the key to creating a healthy and cost-effective landscape is to first heal your sick soil. We utilize a variety of products, including our own custom creations, to nurse your sick soil back to life! Healthy soil eliminates so many problems and reduces costs, while simultaneously enhancing the health and beauty of your landscape. Our dear friends the farmers are our brother from a different mother and there is much to learn from them about caring first for our soil!

If you have not had us perform a health assessment at your property, you should! You probably go the doctor for regular checkups and probably bring your pets in to the vet annually, too! Did you know that you need to do the same for your landscape? Our landscape health assessment is a must. We analyze water, soil, trees, plants and other conditions against recognized benchmarks and then create a master landscape plan to improve health and enhance beauty.

While we utilize these groundbreaking technologies as part of our approach, bio-centric is so much more

Our business and culture are all thoughtfully designed to enhance the life of every person associated with us, including our customers. We live by our values, organize our business into small teams and design our crews to work holistically, just like you do at your own home. Truly, our people are the key to everything. If we invest the same care into taking care of people as we do our properties, then both are the better for it!

If there is every anything that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Michael Jones, CEO

True North Outdoor


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