stoptouchingmycubicleHow can work still be wonderful when bad stuff happens? As businesses grow the circle of “wonderful” expands to include more people. And this means more challenges – not just from the marketplace or competitors – but from those on  your team.

For us, interpersonal tension and conflict was an every day part of business before Our Wonderful Failure, which you can hear more about here. We know from talking with other seasoned business professionals who have seen many years working, we weren’t alone. We realized that if work could truly be wonderful, behaviors like that had to stay out of the workplace or all we were working for would be destroyed.

We had these values in place that were intended to govern our work. We realized ours were capable of creating the culture we wanted, but more was needed. We needed to create clarity for employees on what was in line with those values, and also what wasn’t.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how we developed the concept of the virtual “penalty flag.” This gave employees the power not to just call out others when their actions conflicted with our core values, but to throw the flag on themselves as well.

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